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Bertrand Russsell : The Will to Doubt (New York; Philosophical Librayr, 1958. 126 pp.)

* 本書に収められた10本のエッセイは、Watts & Co. から1941年に出版された Let the People Think に収録されたものと(順番だけは異なっているが)まったく同じである。Philosophical Library が、版権を買い取ったのであろうか?


Can Men be Rational?

Free Thought and Official Propaganda

On The Value of Scepticism

On Youthful Cynicism

Is Science Superstitious?

"Useless" Knowledge

What is the Soul?

The Ancestry of Fascism

Stoicism and Mental Health

Modern Homogeneity

Men Versus Insects

On Comets

Bertrand Russell's challenging skepticism once again turns its wicked barbs upon the prejudices and superstitions of our time. In essays that are, in turn, brilliant, savage and urbane, he attacks all obstacles to a rational way of life:
The defects of our educational system. ... The decline of rationalism in science . . . The failure of belief among the younger generation . . . Devotion to what he calls "our mistaken concept of democracy" . . . The ever-present threats to freedom, even in the "Free World."
Above all, he tilts as vigorously as ever against respectability, orthodoxy and conformity-- the whole cast-iron discipline of modern industrial society.'
Yet this is no nay-saying book, that rejects traditional human values - but rather a forceful appeal, by one of today's most distinguished thinkers, for the proper application of intelligence to curing the world's ills.