Essays in Analysis, ed. by Douglas Lackey (London; Allen & Unwin, 1973. 345 p. 22 cm)

* 本書の全訳はなし(On Denoing など,一部の訳はあり)


I: Introduction

II: Russell's critique of Meinong
01 Meinong's theory of complexes and assumptions(1904)
02 Review of A. Meinong's Untersuchungen zur Gegenstandstheorie und Psychologie(1905)
03 Review of A. Meinong's Uber die Stellung der Gegenstandstheorie im System der Wissenschaften(1907)
III: Descriptions and existence
04 The existential import or propositions(1905)
05 On denoting(1905) 06 Mr. Strawson on referring(1957)

IV: Classes and the paradoxes
07 On some difficulties in the theory of transfinite numbers and order types(1905)
08 On the substitutional theory of classes and relations(1906)
09 On 'insolubilia' and their solution by symbolic logic(1906)
10 The theory of logical types(1910)

V: Philosophy of logic and mathematics
11 The axiom of infinity(1904)
12 On the relation of mathematics to logic(1905)
13 The regressive method of discovering the premises of mathematics(1907)
14 The philosophical implications of mathematical logic(1911)
15 Is mathematics purely linguistic?(1910)

VI: Appendix; four papers by Hugh MacCall
Symbolic reasoning(1905)
Three notes from Mind(1905)

VII: Bibliography
A.Historical background.
B. Russell's writings on logic, pub. and unpub.
C.Secondary material