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Bertrand Russell's America; His Transatlantic Travels and Writings, 2 vols. - contents

* Source: Bertrand Russell's America; His Transatlantic Travels and Writings, 2 vols.
Vol 1: London; Allen & Unwin, 1973. 371 p. illus. 25 cm.
Vol 2: Boston; South End Press, c1983. xii,423 p. 22 cm.
* 全訳はなし(部分訳はあり)


Vol. 1
Part II(p.215-355)
President Wilson's statement.
America's entry into the war.
Hopes and fears as regards America.
Impressions of America.
The American intelligentsia.
Is America becoming imperialistic?
The new philosophy of America.
Optimistic America.
The cinema as a moral influence.
Homogeneous America.
Thirty years from now.
The end of prohibition.
On equality.
The root causes of the depression.
Can the President succeed?
On states rights.
Individual freedom in England and America.
The American mind.
America; the next world centre
Democracy and economics.
The case for U.S. neutrality.
Freedom and the colleges.
Education in America.
The problem of minorities.
Can Americans and Britons be friends?
Brisith and American nationalism.
Some impressions of America.

Vol. 2
Part II(=p.309-409)
What America could do with the atomic bomb.
The American mentality.
Political and cultural influence of the USA.
Why American is losing her allies?
Are these moral codes out of date?
Democracy & the teachers.
The American way (a Briton says) is dour.
Justice or injustice.
Thermonuclear war: battle of the experts.
The imminent danger of nuclear war.
The myth of American freedom.
War and atrocity in Vietnam.
Free world barbarism.
The increase of American violence.
The negro rising.
Peace through resistence to U.S. imperialism.
Broadcast on National Liberation Front Radio to American soldiers.
Introduction to pamphlet on black militancy.
The International War Crimes Tribunal & the nature of the war in Vietnam.
The entire American people are on trial.