Bertrand Russell : The Art of Philosophizing and Other Essays (New York; Philosphical Library, 1968)

邦訳書:吉田謙二(訳)『哲学する方法』(ビジネス・リサーチ,1978年9月 121pp.

* * 吉田謙二氏略歴



Publisher's preface(出版社序文)
The art of rational conjecture(1 合理的推測の方法)
The art of drawing inferences(2 結論を引き出す方法)
The art of reckoning(3 推論の方法)

(Publisher's preface)
The essays in this little volume, published here for the first time in book form, were written by Bertrand Russell during the second World War.
In those years the author was teaching philosophy at American universities, exercising a growing influence on America's student population.
The essays assembled here are fundamentally concerned with "the art of reckoning" in the fields of mathematics, logic and philosophy
The simplicity of Russell's exposition is astonishing, as is his ability to get to the core of the great philosophical issues and to skillfully probe the depth of philosophical analysis.