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My Philosophical Development, 1959, by Bertrand Russell - contents

* Source: Bertrand Russell : My Philosophical Development (London; Macgibbon & Kee, 1959. 279 p. 23 cm)


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Prefatory note
1. Introductory Outline
2. My Present View of the World
3. First Efforts
4. Excursion into Idealism
5. Revolt into Pluralism
6. Logical Technique in Mathematics
7. Principia Mathematica: Philosophical Aspects
8. Principia Mathematica: Mathematical Aspects
9. The External World
10.The Impact of Wittgenstein
11. Theory of Knowledge
12. Consciousness and Experience
13. Language(13 言語)
14. Universals and Particulars and Names
15. The Definition of 'Truth'
16. Non-Demonstrative Inference
17. The Retreat from Pythagoras
18. Some Replies to Criticism
Russell's Philosophy: a Study of its Development By Alan Wood