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Understanding History and Other Essays 1957, by Bertrand Russell - contents

* Source: Bertrand Russell : Understanding History and Other Essays, pub. by special arrangement with H. J. Haldeman.(New York; Philosophical Library, 1957. 122 p. 20 cm.)



  • How to read and understanding history
  • The value of free thought.
  • Mentalism vs. materialism:
  • The meaning of matter.
  • The nature of 'mass'.
  • Ups and downs of the atomic theory.
  • Quantum theory.
  • The behavior of matter in bulk.
  • Physics is still deterministic.
  • Psychology also has changed.
  • Life as it appears in biology.
  • What we mean by habit.
  • Habit primarily physical.
  • Physical causes of introspection.
  • The physical and mental overlap.
  • Definition of 'physical'.
  • The relations between mental and physical events.
  • The question of 'materialism'.