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An Inquiry into Meaning and Truth, by Bertrand Russell - contents

* Source: Bertrand Russell : An Inquiry into Meaning and Truth (London; Allen & Unwin, 1940)


01. What is a Word?
02. Sentences, Syntaxm and Parts of Speech
03. Sentences Describing Experiences
04. The Object-Language
05. Logical Words
06. Proper Names
07. Egocentric Particulars
08. Perception and Knowledge
09. Epistemological Premisses
10.Basic Propositions
11.Factual Premisses
12.An Analysis of Problems Concerning Propositions
13.The Significance of Sentences: A. General. B. Psychological. C. Syntactieal
14.Language as Expression
15.What Sentences 'Indicate'
16.Truth and Falsehood, Preliminary Discussion
17.Truth and Experience
18.General Beliefs
19.Extensionality and Atomicity
20.The Lew of Exeluded Middle
21.Truth and Verification
22.Significance and Verification
23.Warranted Assertibiliry
25.Language and Metaphysics