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Bertrand Russell : Sceptical Essays (Allen & Unwin, 1928)

* 邦訳書:東宮隆(訳)『懐疑論集』(みすず書房,1963年7月。278pp.)
* The title of American edition : Skeptical Essays.



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01.Introduction : On the Value of Scepticism(序説・懐疑主義の価値について)  n.1
02.Dreams and Facts(2 夢と現実)
03.Is Science Superstitious?(3 科学は迷信的か)
04.Can Men Be Rational?(4 人々は合理的になりうるか)
05.Philosophy in the Twentieth Century(5 20世紀の哲学)
06.Machines and the Emotions(6 機械と感情)
07. Behaviourism and Values(7 行動主義と価値)
08.Eastern and Western Ideals of Happiness(8 東西の幸福の理想)
09.The Harm That Good Men Do(9 善人の及ぼす害)
10.The Recrudescence of Puritanism(10 ピューリタニズムの再燃)
11.The Need for Political Scepticism(11 政治的懐疑主義の必要)
12.Free Thought and Official Propaganda(12 自由思想と官製宣伝)
13.Freedom in Society(13 社会の自由)
14.Freedom Versus Authority in Education(14 教育の権威対自由)
15.Psychology and Politics(15 人間心理と政治)
16.The Danger of Creed Wars(16 信条戦の危険)
17.Some Prospects : Cheerful and Otherwise(17 若干の展望-明暗とりどり)