Justice in War Time, by Bertrand Russell (Manchester & London; National Labour Press, Nov. 1915. viii,88pp. 18 cm.)

* 邦訳書:『戦時の正義』



Preface (原著序文)
I. An appeal to the intellectuals of Europe (1 ヨーロッパの知識人に訴える)
II. The ethics of war. (2 戦争の倫理)
III.War and non-resistance (3 戦争と無抵抗)
IV. Why nations love war (4 なぜ国民は戦争を好むか)
V. Future of Anglo-German rivalry (5 英独覇権競争の将来)
VI. Is a permanent peace possible? (6 永久平和は可能か?)

* 1 st American ed. was expanded to include 'The danger to civilization'.
VII.The danger to civilization. (7 文明に対する脅威)

VIII.The Entente Policy, 1904-1015; a reply to Prof. Gilbert Murray.(8 ギルバート・マレー教授への返事(英仏協商について))