Our Knowledge of the External World, by Bertrand Russell (Chicago & London; Open Court, 1914. vii,245 p. 23 cm.)

* Reissued by George Allen & Unwin Ltd. in 1922,
* Revised and reset in 1926 by George Allen & Unwin Ltd.)

* 邦訳:石本新(訳)『外部世界はいかにして知られうるか』(中央公論社,1971年9月刊,554pp.)

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I. Current Tendencies

II. Loglc as the Essence of Philosophy

III.On Our Knowledge of the Extemal World

IV. The World of Physics and the World of Sense

V. The Theory of Continuity

VI. The Problem of Infnity Considered Historically

VII.The Positive Theory of Infinity<

VIII.On the Notion of Cause, with Applications to the Free-Will Problem