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To Edith (エディスに捧げる)

* Source: The Autobiography of Bertrand Russell, v.1, 1967
Three Passions
To Edith

Through the long years
I sought peace,
I found ecstasy, I found anguish,
I found madness,
I found loneliness,
I found the solitary pain that gnaws the heart,
But peace I did not find.

Now, old & near my end,
I have known you,
And, knowing you,
I have found both ecstasy & peace,
I know rest,
After so many lonely years.
I know what life & love may be,
Now, if I sleep,
I shall sleep fulfilled.

Bertrand Russell and Edith Russell, Dec. 1952年12月)
Bertrand Russell and Edith Russell
(Dec. 12, 1952)