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* (語学テキスト)佐山栄太郎(編)『訳注ラッセル選』から採録
* 出典:佐山栄太郎(編)『訳注ラッセル選』(南雲堂,1960年7月刊)pp.108-1093.


a man who acquires a fortune by cruelty and exploitation


But a man who acquires a fortune by cruelty and exploitation*1 should be regarded as at present we regard what is called an 'immoral'*2 man ; and he should be so regarded even if he goes to church regularly and gives a portion*3 of his ill-gotten gains*4 to public objects. To bring this about,*5 it is only necessary to instil*6 a rational attitude towards ethical questions, instead of the mixture of superstition and oppression which still passes muster as*7 "virtue " among important personages.*8 The power of reason is thought small in these days, but I remain an unrepentant rationalist.*9 Reason may be a small force, but it is constant, and works always in one direction, while the forces of unreason destroy one another in futile strife.*10 Therefore every orgy*11 of unreason in the end strengthens the friends of reason, and shows afresh*12 that they are the only true friends of humanity.
*1 exploitation「利己的利用」「搾取」 この語には自然資源などの「開発」というよい意味もある。to exploit the natural resources of a country などと使う。
*2 immoral「不道徳な」
*3 portion = part.
*4 ill-gotten gains 「不正手段で得た利得」「不正利得」「不浄の財」
*5 bring about 「もたらす」
*6 instill = introduce gradually「ふきこむ,教えこむ」 この活用は to instil ideas into a person's mind で,既出の inculcate と比較して見よ。
*7 pass muster as 「何々として通用する」 pass muster = be considered satisfactory; be good enough for the purpose required.「検閲を通過する」「標準に合格する」という意味。
*8 personage「高貴の人」「名士」
*9 unrepentant rationalist 「後悔しない合理主義者」 つまり,前から合理主義者であったことを決して悔いない者ということ。
*10 futile[fju:tail] strife「無益な争い」
*11 orgy[:di] 「底ぬけ騒ぎ」「躁宴」orgy of unreason は「非合理なばか騒ぎ」で,理不尽な戦争などを指す。
*12 afresh「あらたに」「改めて」

shoud be regarded as at present we regard what is ca11ed 'immoral' man 「いわゆる不道徳漢と呼ばれる者を今日われわれが見なすように……見なされるべきだ」という意味になる。the mixture は instil の目的。次の which の先行詞は the mixture である。I remain an unrepentant rationalist の remain は自動詞で次の名詞は補語。