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* (語学テキスト)佐山栄太郎(編)『訳注ラッセル選』から採録
* 出典:佐山栄太郎(編)『訳注ラッセル選』(南雲堂,1960年7月刊)pp.108-1093.

A secure life is not necessarily a happy life 安全な生活は必ずしも幸福な生活ではない。
Economic security has been one of the most important aims of modern British legislation*1. Insurance against*2 unemployment, sickness, and destitution in old age, has removed from the lives of wage-earners a great deal of painful uncertainty as to their future. Medical security has been promoted by measures which have greatly increased the average length of life*3 and diminished the amount of illness. Security, though undoubtedly a good thing, may be sought excessively*4 and become a fetish*5. A secure life is not necessarily a happy life; it may be rendered dismal*6 by boredom and monotony. Many people, especially while they are young, welcome a spice*7 of dangerous adventure, and may even find relief*8 in war as an escape from humdrum*9 safety. Security by itself is a negative aim inspired by fear ; a satisfactory life must have a positive aim inspired by hope. This sort of adventurous hope involves*10 risk and therefore fear. But fear deliberately chosen*11 is not such an evil thing as fear forced upon a man by outward circumstances. We cannot therefore be content*12 with security alone, or imagine that it can bring the millennium.*13

*1 legistlation 「法律制定」
*2 insurance against 「~に対する保険」,この against の後にはわるいことが来るわけ。「生命保険」は life insurance である。destitution = complete poverty, the state of having none of the things necessary for life. この英語の説明で,どんな「貧乏」だかはっきりするだろう。
*3 average length of life 「平均寿命」
*4 excessively 「過度に」
*5 fetish[fi:ti]「迷信の対象」比喩的に「盲目的の崇拝物」
*6 be rendered dismal 「陰気なものとされる」
*7 spice は「風味をそえるもの」で、a spice of は「そういう味のするもの」「らしいもの少し」である。
*8 find relief 「気晴らしを見出す」「息抜を見つける」
*9 humdrum = dull, monotonous.
*10 involve = have as a necessary consequence.
*11 fear deliberately chosen 「故意に選ばれた恐怖」 例えば登山家の冒険など。
*12 be content[kntent] = b esatisfied.「満足する」「内容」の意味の content は[k★ntent]で,複数が普通。
*13 millennium[milenim] = a period of great happiness and prosperity. 「至福千年」これはキリストが再臨して千年の至福の時代があると考えられたことから出たもの, mille(=thousand)+annum(=year)で出来た語。

has removed の目的は a great dea1 ... である。which have greatly increased ... i11ness は measures を修飾する形容詞節。as fear forced upon a man の forced はもちろん過去分詞でfear を修飾する。