Source: The Impact of Science on Society, 1952, chap.3

(The main point is this: Scientific technique, by making society more organic, increases the extent to which an individual is a cog; if this is not to be an evil, ways must be found of preventing him from being a mere cog. ...
... Liberals protested, successfully, against the power of kings and aristocrats; socialists protested against the power of capitalists. But unless the power of officials can be kept within bounds, socialism will mean little more than the substitution of one set of masters for another: all the former power of the capitalist will be inherited by the official. ...
One of the drawbacks to the power of officials is that they are apt to be quite remote from the things they control. ...
What do the men in the Education Office know about educa- tion? ...
... After I had returned from China in 1921 , 1 had some dealings with the permanent officials who determined British Far Eastern policy, and found their ignorance unsurpassed except by their conceit. ...) )