* Source: The Autobiography of Bertrand Russell, v.3, chapt.16: TRAFALGAR SQUARE, pp.575-576.
(『ラッセル思想辞典』では、出典が The Autobiography of Bertrand Russell, v.3: D (Postscript) となっていますが、牧野力氏の勘違いと思われます。

Autobiography,v.3 の表紙
((During that autumn, George Kennan had been giving the Reith Lectures over the BBC and saying some excellent things drawn with acumen from his wide and first-hand knowledge of American and Russian policies. Early in December a group of us met with Kingsley Martin at his invitation to talk things over. As far as I remember it was at this meeting that the first glimmerings flickered of what was to become the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. A meeting of the sponsors of the National Council for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons Tests was held at the house of Canon John Collins in Amen Court and the CND was formally started early in January, 1958. The officers were to be: Canon Collins, the Chairman: Mrs Peggy Duff the Secretary, and myself, the President. An Executive Committee was formed comprising some of those leaders already established in anti-nuclear move ments and a certain number of other interested notables. There had been for some time various associations working to overcome the dangers with which the international scene was fraught. The CND proposed to take them all in or at least almost all The CND was publicly launched at a large meeting at the Central Hall Westminster, on February 17, 1958. So many people attended this meeting that there had to be overflow meetings.)