Source: Sceptical Essays, 1928, chap.8: Eastern and Western Ideals of Happiness

 以下は、1928年に出された Sceptical Essays に収録されているエッセイの一つですが、あくまでも共産主義革命が起こる前の中国及び中国人を念頭に書かれたものです。中国で文化大革命が起きた時には「中国は変わってしまった」とラッセルは嘆いていました。

(If we were to try to sum up in a phrase the main difference between the Chinese and ourselves (Europeans), I should say that they, in the main, aim at enjoyment, while we, in the main, aim at power.)

(We like power over our fellow-men, and we like power over Nature. For the sake of the former we have built up strong states, and for the sake of the latter, we have built up Science.)

 ・・・。白状しないといけないが、私は中国を知るようになって以来(since)、のんびりすること(laziness 怠惰)は大衆(men in the mass)がその能力として持っている最良の性質だと見るようになっている(見なすようになった)。
(... , but I must confess that, since I came to know China, I have regarded laziness as one of the best qualities of which men in the mass are capable.)

(In china, until recently, they had none of these things. Industry was too inefficient to produce either automobiles or bombs; the State too inefficient to educate its own citizen's or to kill those of other countries. )

(Comparing the actual outlook of the average Chinese with that of the average Western, two differences strike one: first, that the Chinese do not admire activity unless it serves some useful purpose; secondly, that they do not regard morality as consisting in checking our own impulses and interfering with those of others.)