Source: Why are we discontented? (27 April 1932). Repr. in: Mortals and Others, v.1 (1975)

(It is customary to attribute modern pessimism to the decay of faith and the difficulty of finding some continuous and fruitful purpose in life. I doubt, however, whether this is a correct analysis, or, at any rate, whether it goes to the root of the matter. I believe the lack of zest and of fruitful purpose itself has physiological causes.)

(A man in a really good physical condition finds something to believe in, whereas a man whose digestion or glands are out of order is a prey to all the gloomy forms of doubt and despair.)

(I believe that if our pessimists were subjected to a rigorous regimen of physical exercise, simple but wholesome diet and long hours of sleep, they would begin to find all sorts of things worth doing and would feel hopeful as to the possibility of doing some of these things themselves. )

(Those of us whose work is not manual are apt to have far less physical exercise than the health of the body demands.)