「T. S. エリオット」


 Source: Dear Bertrand Russell, 1969, Part V.

<Mr Gonin と言う人の手紙の「 His friends all seem to think that he was the epitome of goodness and morality, but his writings seem to me to display an astonishing narrowmindedness and intolerance ...」に対するラッセルの返信>

(I entirely agree with your estimate of Eliot's character. I made his acquaintance in the Spring of 1914 while teaching a graduate class of which he was a member. I happened to say that I admired Heraclitus, to which he replied in a dreamy tone, 'Yes, he's so like Villon.' This was the only remark he made to me during those three months, but it caused me to remember him when I met him by chance just after the beginning of the First War in London in October.
私 「やあ、君は何をしているのかね。」
彼 「今、ベルリンから丁度戻って来たところです。」
私 「この戦争をどう思うかね。」
彼 「僕にはわかりません。ただ、僕が平和主義者でないことだけは確かです。」
私 「そうかい。人々が何で殺されていようと、君は少しも構わないのだね。現に殺されつつあるのに・・(殺されつつある間に)」
( I said, 'Hellow, what are you doing here?' He said. 'I have just returned form Berlin.' I said, 'What do you think of the war?' He said, 'I dont know, except that I'm not a pacifist.' I said, 'I see, You don't care what people are killed about, so long as they are killed.)