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 拝啓 ミス・ロバーツ
 ロレンスは、自分と同じ強烈な感情を共有しない人間を罰したいという欲望にとりつかれており、個人的な葛藤や、暴力をふるいたいという願望を持ち、合理主義を憎み、'血'をもって考える'(thinking with the blood)」という激しい感情(の重要性)を強調しました。
 私の『自伝的回想』(Portraits from Memory and Other Essays, 1956)の中に、D.H.ロレンスとの交際の経験を若干書きとめてありますので、それをご覧くだされば結構と存じます。

. ..At the moment we are studying the works of D. H. Lawrence and the other day I read that you were once friendly with him. Please would you tell me something about him? What did he believe in? What kind of man was he?

Dear Miss Roberts, (October 22, 1962)
... Lawrence was a man who was consumed with a desire to punish [those] who did not share his intense feelings, borne of personal conflict and a wish to do violence he hated rationality and emphasised violent feeling-thinking with the blood'.
He was a remarkable man but not a likable one. He believed in the dominance of strong emotion about which he was not very clear and he felt industrial life and social convention stifled natural urges. He also felt this was true of intellectual rigour. His difficulty in coming to terms with the extremity of his feelings made him despise ordinary men and women because they did not seem to experience the same. Such impulses may create striking imaginative work but not a man who can see the world as possibly having merit apart from his own private experience.
(From: Dear Bertrand Russell, 1969)