出典:R.カスリルズ、B.フェインベルグ(編著),日高一輝(訳)『拝啓バートランド・ラッセル様 - 市民との往復書簡集』




 拝復 グローバー様

 敬 具

'... I am an American Negro involved in research work ... my particular project concerns the touchy problem of one of America's favorite pastimes of days gone by -- lynching. Now almost extinct, it once flourished mostly in the southern regions of the United States. I would be forever grateful for your comments in a letter on this particular subject. ...'

April 30, 1964
Dear Mr Glover,

Thank you very much for your letter. There is a great need for serious study of lynching in the American South which is by no means extinct according to information which I receive from time to time. The behaviour of Southern American police appears to be such that wanton murder can be indulged in without fear of reprisal. I think that it is most important to document the true nature of brutality in the American south and the full extent of it.
With good wishes,
Bertrand Russell
(From: Dear Bertrand Russell; a selection of his correspondence with the general public, 1950 - 1968. Allen & Unwin, 1969.)