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Bertrand Russell Collection in Waseda University


Waseda Main Campus n.16 Building, Nishi-Waseda 1-6-1,
Shinjuku-ku, TOKYO
Phone 03-3208-8434(Dial in)
Waseda University

No 16 Building (photo)

Year founded

Nov. 24, 1983(The day of 1st Donation)


Every Materials relating B. Russell (About 2,000 items)
・Monograph:About 700 v.
・Papers (Zerox copies)About 500 items
・Japanese Research Papers (Zerox copies)About 350 items
・Foreign Research Papers (Zerox copoes)About 350
Catalogue of Waseda University Bertrand Ruseell Collection (in Japanese)


russell:the Journal of the Bertrand Russell Studies


The Collected Papers of Bertrand Russell、28 vols