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Statement to young Japanese from the President of The Committee of 100 in Britain, Dec. 12, 1962.

In Britain we have created a movement of mass resistance against nuclear war. I do not need to tell the people of Japan about the horrors of such warfare; nor do I need to tell you about the effecitiveness of resistance, for I have been encouraged by what you have yourselves achieved already. I must add, however, that time is very short. The world is staggering from crisis to crisis. The men of power have demonstrated that they are quite willing to engage in nuclear war. Any conflict of a local character can now be the occasion for the outbreak of global war, since the Great Powers are unable for long to be kept out of any hostilities.
Meanwhile, every day, and at every moment of every day, a trivial accident, a failure to distinguish a meteor from a bomber, a fit of temporary insanity in one single man, may cause a nuclear world war, which, in all likelihood, will put an end to man and to all higher forms of animal life. The populations of the Eastern and Western blocs are, in the great majority, unaware of the magnitude of the peril. Almost all experts who have studied the situation without being in the employment of some Government have come to the conclusion that, if present policies continue, disaster is almost certain within a fairly short time.