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★ fuel (n)【燃料;(感情などを)たきつけるもの】

* add fuel to the fire 火に油を注ぐ
* fossil fuel 化石燃料/ solid fuel 固形燃料/ liquid fuel 液体燃料/ hydrogen fuel 水素燃料
Brazil, which suffers from a surplus of coffee, has taken to using it as fuel on the railways and to burning it on large funeral pyres in lonely valleys.

Without excessive labor, they felled the trees, thereby securing log cabins and fuel, and when the soil was cleared, they procured a rich harvest of grain.

Fossil fuels are nonrenewable sources of energy.

To produce energy, most large power stations burn fossil fuels.
 出典:『鉄緑会 東大英単語熟語 鉄壁』p.400

Petrol is no longer a cheap fuel.
 出典:Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, new ed.