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★ faulty (adj.)【欠陥のある,完全ではない;(考えなどが)誤った】

* a faulty engine 欠陥エンジン
* at fault :責任がある;間違っている
A few boys and girls like geometry and algebra, but the great majority do not. I doubt if this is wholly due to faulty methods of teaching. A sense for mathematics, like musical capacity, is mainly a gift of the gods, and I believe it to be quite rare, even in a moderate degree.

But in judging whether children are truthful, a certain caution is necessary. Children's memories are very faulty and they often do not know the answer to a question when grown-up people think they do.

The car accident was caused by faulty brakes.
 出典:『きくたん TOEIC TEST SCORE 990』p.253

a faulty connection in the electrical system / faulty reasoning
 出典:Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, new ed.