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adjust (v) [調節する,合わせる;調整する;順応する(〜 oneself)]

* 森一郎『(新版)試験に出る英単語』p.98説明: ad (= to) + just(正しい)= 「正しくする→調整する」
* adjustment (n):適応;調節,調整
War was so swift and dramatic that no-one had time to adjust feelings to changed circumstances.

This state of affairs is apt to have a bad effect upon the affections of young people. Their affection for their parents becomes atrophied, and they never have to learn to adjust themselves to people whose tastes and pursuits are different from their own.

If impulses were more controlled, if thought were less dominated by passion, men would guard their minds against the approaches of war fever, and disputes would be adjusted amicably.

But it is to be hoped that time will bring adjustment in this matter as in others.

Adjustment to society's demand is a difficult task for young people.
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The girl quickly adjusted to the new environment and made new friends.
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He tried to adjust his eyes to the bright light.

You can adjust the colour on the TV by turning this knob.
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