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antiquated (adj.) [時代遅れの,旧式の;老齢の]

* syn.: outdated
The schools of all civilised countries are still based upon the entirely antiquated notion that the most important part of education is the acquisition of knowledge. The state takes enormous pains to cause its juvenile citizens to know the multiplication table and what happened in 1776.

In politics it is necessary to profess the party programme and flatter the leaders; in the navy it is necessary to profess antiquated views on naval strategy.

But the logic to which these traditional arguments appealed is of an antiquated Aristotelian sort which is now rejected by practically all logicians except such as are Catholics.

'You,' I replied, 'have no doubt been here for some time and continue to embrace somewhat antiquated doctrines. ...'

It is all the fault of that antiquated, tyrannical institution.
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The spinning wheel is an antiquated machine.
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antiquated laws / antiquated machinery
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