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ascribe (v) [(原因・動機などを・・・に)帰する;せいにする)]

* ascription (n):(物事を・・・に)帰すること
* ascribable (adj):(・・・に)帰せられて,(の)せいで

The feminists of a generation ago were inclined to minimise the inevitable differences between men and women and to ascribe the differences which are observed to education rather than to nature.

It has a shape, and the shape is that which we are accustomed to ascribe to Satan: horns, hooves, tail and all. All the rest of Hell is filled with murky flame, and against this background Satan stands out in awful majesty.

A medical examiner eventually ascribed the man's death to a sudden heart attack.

The scientists ascribed the recent strange weather conditions to global warming.
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He ascribes his success to luck. / This song is often ascribed to Bach.
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