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adverse (adj.) [逆境の,不利な;逆らう,反対の]

* 森一郎『(新版)試験にでる英単語』p.134:説明: ad = to , verse = turn → 「悪い方に向く」
* adversity (n):逆境
* adversary (n):敵,敵対者 || (adj.) 敵の
In like manner all the men of genius that we have ever heard of have triumphed over adverse circumstances, but that is no reason for supposing that there were not innumerable others who succumbed in youth.

Not once did I hear any of them display patriotic bias or fail through passion to give due weight to arguments adverse to his national interest.

I believe that in the not very distant future the adversity caused by the pursuit of merely national aims on the part of separate national groups will lead mankind to a more vivid realisation than exists at present of these collective purposes which justify man's existence in the universe.

The loss of tropical rain forests has an adverse effect on global ecosystems. / Even in adversity due to bad weather conditions, the experienced golfer played perfectly.
 出典:『鉄緑会 東大英単語熟語 鉄壁』p.084]

This drug is known to have adverse side effects.
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