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afflict (v) [(精神的・肉体的に)苦しめる,悩ます]

* af- (〜に) + flict (strike 打つ)
* 通例,過去分詞で形容詞的に用いる。
* afflicted (adj.):苦しんでいる,悩んでいる
* affliction (n):(心身の)苦悩;悩みの種

Some things of real importance have begun to be known, for example how to avoid slumps and large scale unemployment such as afflicted the world after the last war.
[現実的な重要性を持つ若干のこと −たとえば前の戦争(注:第二次世界大戦)の後に世界を苦しめたような不況や大規模な失業はどうすれば回避できるか− はすでに認識され始めている。

There is no way of knowing to which of these two categories one belongs if one is afflicted with the impulse to produce unrecognised masterpieces.

Such fears are probably inevitable in the first generation, but they are less likely to afflict those who have never known great poverty.

He was afflicted with Alzheimer's disease.
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be afflicted by the feeling of inferiority. / They sympathized with us in our affliction.
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one of the major problems currently afflicting third world countries.
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Aid will be sent to the afflicted areas.
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