title>ラッセル英単語・熟語:A-49 ( at length  ついに;詳しく )
(本館)  (トップ)  (分館)



at length [ついに,とうとう;詳しく]
The suit came before an Irishman who decided against me at length and with vituperation. I wished for an appeal, but the Municipality of New York refused to appeal.
* vituperation (n):毒舌;ののしり(罵倒)の言葉

On one occasion he met, in my rooms, Rupert Brooke, of whom he had not then heard. Rupert was on his way back from the South Sea Islands, and discoursed at length about the decay of manhood in these regions produced by the cessation of cannibalism. Professor Perry was pained, for is not cannibalism a sin?
[ある時,彼(注:ハーバード大学のペリー教授)は,私の部屋で,ルパート・ブルック(Rupert Brooke, 1887-1914:英国の詩人)と会ったが,ルパート・ブルックのことは,彼はそれまで一度も耳にしたことがなかった。ルパートは,南洋諸島から(英国への)帰国の途中であり,食人儀礼(カニバリズム)の停止によって生ずるこれらの地域の人々の雄々しさ(男らしさ)の衰退について長時間論じた。ペリー教授は,食人儀礼などという残酷な行為は罪ではないのかと,心を痛めた。

At length he began to cry. / He explained at length.

He quoted at length from the report. / We have already discussed this matter at great length.
[ 出典:Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, 8th ed.]