title>ラッセル英単語・熟語:A-47 ( at one's wits' end 途方に暮れて ) - バートランド・ラッセルのページ
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at one's wits' end [途方に暮れ,当惑して]
At last he told her that she really must learn moderation, and that in future he would only pay her bills when the amount seemed reasonable. When her next dressmaker's bill came in, she was for a moment at her wits' end, but presently she bethought herself of a scheme. She went to the War Minister and demanded that he should pay her bill out of the funds provided for the war. Since he knew that she had the power to get him dismissed, he did so, and the French lost Genoa in consequence.
* presently やがて

I'm at my wits' end what answer to make.

I'm at my wits' end with this problem.
 出典:Shogakukan Random House English-Japanese Dictionary, 1982]

I was at my wits' end for an idea.
 出典:Kenkyusha's New College English-Japanese Dictionary, 6the ed.]