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○★01. German Social Democracy, 1896.(河合秀和(訳)『ドイツ社会主義』、みすず書房)
 02. An Essay on the Foundations of Geometry, 1897.
○03. A Critical Exposition of the Philosophy of Leibniz, 1900.(細川薫(訳)『ライプニッツの哲学』、弘文堂)
 04. The Principles of Mathematics, 1903.
△05. Philosophical Essays, 1910.
△★06. Principia Mathematica, 3v.,1910-1913.(『プリンキピア・マテマティカ序論』、哲学書房)
○★07. The Problems of Philosophy, 1912.(高村夏輝(訳)『哲学入門』、ちくま学芸文庫)
○★08. Our Knowledge of the External World,1914.(『世界の名著』第58巻、中央公論社)
○09. Justice in War Time, 1916.
○10. Principles of Social Reconstruction,1916.(世界の大思想、第26巻、河出書房新社)
○11. Political Ideals, 1917.(牧野力(訳)『政治理想』、理想社)
○★12. Mysticism and Logic, 1918.(『神秘主義と論理』、みすず書房)
○13. Roads to Freedom, 1918.(『自由への道』、角川文庫)
○14.Introduction to Mathematical Philosphy, 1919. (岩波文庫版『数理哲学序説』)
○★15. The Practice and Theory of Bolshevism, 1920.(河合秀和(訳)『ロシア共産主義』、みすず書房)
○★16. The Analysis of Mind, 1921.(竹尾治一郎(訳)『心の分析』、勁草書房)
○17. The Problem of China, 1922.(牧野力(訳)『中国の問題』、理想社)
○18. The Prospects of Industrial Civilization, 1923.(『産業文明の前途』)
○19. The ABC of Atoms, 1923.(寮(訳)『原子のABC』)
○20. Icarus;or, the future of science, 1924.
○21. What I Believe, 1925.
○★22. The ABC of Relativity,1st ed., 1925.(『相対性理論の哲学』、白揚社)
○★23. On Education, 1926.(『ラッセル教育論』、岩波文庫)
○x1. Selected Papers of B. Russell, 1927.
 24. An Outline of Philosophy, 1927.
 25. The Analysis of Matter, 1927.
○26. Sceptical Essays, 1928.(『懐疑論』、角川文庫)

○★27. Marriage and Morals, 1929.(岩波文庫版『ラッセル結婚論』)
○★28. The Conquest of Happiness, 1930.(岩波文庫版『ラッセル幸福論』)
○29. Scientific Outlook, 1931.(矢上(訳)『科学も眼』)
○30. Education and the Social Order, 1932.(鈴木詳蔵(訳)『教育と社会体制』、明治図書)
○31. Freedom and Organization, 1934.(『自由と組織』、みすず書房)
○32. In Praise of Idleness, and Other Essays, 1935.(『怠惰への讃歌』、角川文庫)
○33. Religion and Science, 1935.(『宗教から科学へ』、荒地出版社)
△34. Which Way to Peace?, 1936.
 35. The Amberley Papers, 2 v., 1937.
○36. Power; a new social analysis, 1938.(『権力』、みすず書房)
○37. An Inquiry into Meaning and Truth, 1940.(『意味と真偽性』、文化評論出版)
 x2. Let the People Think, 1941.
○★38. A History of Western Philosophy,  1945. (『西洋哲学史』、みすず書房)
○39. Human Knowledge; its scope and limits, 1948.(『人間の知識』、みすず書房)
○40. Authority and the Individual, 1949.(『権威と個人』、社会思想社)
○41. Unpopular Essays, 1950.(『反俗評論集』)
○42. New Hopes for a Changing World, 1951.(『原子時代に住みて』、理想社)
 x3. The Wit and Wisdom of B. Russell, 1951.
○43. The Impact of Science on Society, 1952.(『科学は社会を震撼した』、角川新書)
 x4. (B. Russell's) Dictionary of Mind, Matter and Morals, 1952.
 44. The Good Citizen's Alphabet, 1953.
○45. Satan in the Suburbs, 1953.(『郊外町の悪魔』)
○46. Nightmares of Eminent Persons, 1954.
○47. Human Society in Ethics and Politics, 1954.(『ヒューマン・ソサエティ』、玉川大学出版部)
△★48. Logic and Knowledge, 1956.(『現代哲学基本論文集』、勁草書房)
○★49. Portraits from Memory, and Other Essays, 1956.
△50. Understanding History and Other Essays(『世界の大思想』v.26、河出書房新社)
○51. Why I am not a Christian, and Other Essays on Religion and Related Subjects, 1957.(『私はなぜキリスト教徒でないか』)
○52. The Vital Letters of Russell, Khrushchev, Dulles, 1958.
○x5. B. Russell's Best, 1958.(『ラッセル珠玉選』)
 x6. The Will to Doubt, 1958.
○53. Common Sense and Nuclear Warfare, 1959.(『常識と核戦争』)
○★54. My Philosophical Development, 1959.(『私の哲学の発展』、みすず書房)
○55. Wisdom of the West, 1959.(『西洋の智恵』)
○56. Bertrand Russell Speaks His Mind, 1960.
△57. Fact and Fiction, 1961.(牧野訳『民主主義とはなにか?』、理想社他)
○58. Has Man a Future?, 1961.(日高訳『人類に未来はあるか?』、理想社)
△59. The Basic Writings of B. Russell, 1961.
○60. Unarmed Victory, 1963.(牧野訳『武器なき勝利』、理想社)
 x7. On the Philosophy of Science, 1965.
○61. War Crimes in Vietnam, 1967.(日高訳『ヴェトナムの戦争犯罪』、河出書房新社)
○62. The Autobiography of B. Russell, 3 v., 1967-1969.(日高訳『ラッセル自叙伝』、理想社)
○63. The Art of Philosophizing and Other Essays, 1968.(『哲学する方法』)
○64. Dear Bertrand Russell, 1968.(日高訳『拝啓B.ラッセル様』、講談社)
△65. The Collected Stories of B. Russell, 1972.
 x8. The Life of B. Russell in Pictures and in His Own Words, 1972.
△x9. Atheism, 1972.
△66. B. Russell's America, v.1, 1973; v.2,1975.
△67. Essays in Analysis, 1973.
○★68. Mortals and Other Essays, v.1, 1975.(『人生に関する断章』)
△69. The Collected Papers of B. Russell,v.1:-
△x10. Bertrand Russell on God and Religion, 1986.
 70-1. The Selected letters of B. Russell, v.1: 1992.
 70-2. The Selected letters of B. Russell, v.1: 1992.