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所蔵館正式名称 ラッセル書誌・目次 次ページ
Philosophy, Logic, Mathematics.

1911 - 1920
01. A criticism of the realism of G. E. Moore and B. Russell, by Shogoro Washio. (Ph.D. 1911, Harvard University)

02.The paradoxes of Mr. Russell, with a brief account of their history, by Edwin Ray Guthrie. (Ph.D. , Univ. of Pennsylvania, 1912) 23 pp.
* Pub. under the same title in 1915.

03.A comparison between the treatment of the algebra of ralatives by Schröder and that by Whitehead and Russell, by Norvert Wiener. (Ph.D., Harvard University, 1913)

1921 - 1930
01.The idealistic theory of relations, by M. M. Morrison. (Ph.D. Univ. of Toronto, 1923)
* Russell's criticisms of the idealistic theory are discussed.

02.The logical atomism of B. Russell, by Abram Cornelius Benjamin. (Ph.D., Univ. of Michigan, 1924) 63 p.

03.The significance of the mathematical element in the philosophy of B. Russell, by Orvil Floyd Myers. (Ph.D., Univ. of Chicago, 1926)
04.A critical examination of the epistemological and psychophysical doctrines of B. Russell, by Ross Thalheimer. (Ph.D., John s Hopkins Univ., 1929) 31 p.

1931 - 1940
01.The logic of sequences; a generalization of Principia Matjheamtica, by W. V. O. Quine. (Ph.D., Harvard Univ., 1932)

02.The problem of teleology in relation to the views of Bosanquet, Royce, B. Russell, and S. Alexander, by William L. Rabenstein. (Ph.D., Cornell Univ., 1934)

03.Untersuchungen zur Grundlegung der Arithmetik mit besonderer Beziehung auf Dedekind, Frege, und Russell, by Friedrich Bachmann. (Ph.D., Münster Univ., 1934)

04.Conceptions of nature in the philosophical systems of Whitehead, Russell, and Alexander, by Victor A. Lowe. (Ph.D., Harvard Univ., 1935)

05.The essence of mind according to B. Russell, by V. Bucher. (Ph.D., International Pontifical Univ. of Saint Anselmo, Rome, 1940)
* Privately printed under that title in 1941 in Rome)