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01.Man's war with the universe in the religion of B. Russell. Unsigned.
Current Opinion(N.Y.), v.65: 1918, p.45-46.
* Contains quotations from A Free Man's Worsihp

02.B. Russell, by J. M. Bochénski.
In: Europäishe Phiosophie der Gegenwart(Francke AG Verlag, 1951)

03.B. Russell; his contribution to philosophy, by Stuart Hampshire.
(Manchester)Guardian, May 17, 1952, p.4 & 6.

04.B. Russell's eightieth birthday, by Stuart Hampshire.
Manchester Guardian Weekly, May 22, 1952, p.7.

05.Earl, philosopher, logician, rebel, by Charles Hussey.
New York Times, May 13, 1962, sec. 6, p.10, 102 & 104.

06 - 21: Obituaries, Signed.

06.Ayer, A. J.: New Statesman, v.79, 6 Feb. 1970, p.182-183.
07.Boyle, (Sir) Edward: Daily Telegraph(London), 7 Feb. 1970, p.16.

08.Braithwaite, R. B.: British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, v.21: 1970, p.129-131.

09.Brogan, Denis: Spectator, v.224: 1970, p.208-209.

10.Bronowski, J.: Nation(N.Y.), v.210: 16 Feb. 1970, p.166.
* Title: High-minded and light-hearted.

11.Burns, Michael: Times, 10 Feb. 1970, p.12.

12.Downie, Leonard, Jr.: Washington Post, 4 Feb. 1970, p.C5.

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15.Johnson, Dennis.: (Manchester)Guardian, 4 Feb. 1970, p.20.

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