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 以下は、外国語のラッセル関係文献(単行書)です。所蔵館表示で大学名しか書かれていないものは、全て中央図書館を意味しています。また、「所蔵図書館」のなかの 'RC' とは早稲田大学教育学部教員図書室内にあるラッセル関係資料コーナー(ラッセル文庫)を意味しています。

所蔵館正式名称 ラッセル書誌・目次 次ページ
1915(Russell, 43歳)
01. Numbers, Variables and Mr. Russell's Philosophy, etc.; a criticism of Principles of Mathematicss, by Robert P. Richardson & E. H. Landis. Chicago & London; Open Court, 1915. 59 p. 20 cm.
 * Reprinted from Monist, July 1915, etc.

1918(Russell, 46歳)
01-1.The Philosophy of Mr. B*rtr*nd R*ss*ll, with an appendix of leading passages from certain other works, ed. by Philip E. B. Jourdain. London; Allen & Unwin, 1918. 96 p. 19 cm.
 * First pub. in Monist, v.21(1911), p.483-508.
 * P. E. B. Jourdain, 1879-1919.
* Contents: Editor's note. Abbreviations. 1.The indefinables of logic. 2.Objective validity of the "laws of thought". 3.Identity. 4.Identity of classes. 5.Ethical applications of the laws of identity. 6.The law of contradiction in modern logic. 7.Symbolism and meaning. 8.Nominalism. 9.Ambiguity and symbolic logic. 10.Logical addition and the utility of symbolism. 11.Criticism. 12.Historical criticism. 13.Is the mind in the head? 14.The pragmatist theory of truth. 15.Assertion. 16.The commutative law. 17.Universal and particular propositions. 18.Denial of generality and generatily of denial. 19.Implication. 20.Dignity. 21.The synthetic nature of deduction. 22.The mortality of Socrates. 23.Denoting. 24.The. 25.Non-entity. 26.Is. 27.And and Or. 28.The conversion of relations. 29.Previous philosophical theories of mathematics. 30.Finite and infinite. 31.The mathematical attainments of Tristram Shandy. 32.The hardships of a man with an unlimited income. 33.The relations of magnitude of cardinal numbers. 34.The unknowable. 35.Mr. Spencer, the Athanasian creed, and the articles. 36.The humour of mathematicians. 37.The paradoxes of logic. 38.Modern logic and some philosophical arguments. 39.The hierarchy of jokes. 40.The evidence of geometrical propositions. 41.Absolute and relative position. 42.Laughter. 43."Gedankenexperimente" and evolutionary ethics. Appendixes.

01-2. // . Chicago; Open Court, 1918.

1924(Russell, 52歳)
01.Die Soziologie Bertrand Russells; Kritische Gedanken ber ihre Methode, by C. A. Emge. 1st ed. Frommannsche Buchhandlung, 1924.

1928(Russell, 56歳)
01.Why Mr. Bertrand Russell is not a Christian, etc.; being an answer to Why I am not a Christian, by Herbert G. Wood. London; Student Christian Movement, 1928. 159 p.
 * For Russell's counter reply, see: Literary Guide, Mar. 1929.

1931(Russell, 59歳)
01.Marriage Without Morals, etc.; a reply to Mr. B. Russell's Marriage and Morals, by Lindsay Dewar. London; Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1931.

02.A Critical Examination of the Epistemological and Psychological Doctrines of Russell, by Ross Thalheimer. Baltimore, Md.; John Hopkins Press, 1931.

1941(Russell, 69歳)
01-1.The Bertrand Russell Case, ed. by John Dewey and Horace M. Kallen. New York; Viking Press, 1941. 227 p. 22 cm.
* Contents: Introd. by John Dewey. Foreword by Albert C. Barnes. Behind the Bertrand Russell case, by H. M. Kallen. Social relatives versus police fictions, by John Dewey. Trial by ordeal; new style, by Walton H. Hamilton. The problems of education in a democracy, by Richard McKeon. A scandalous denial of Justice, by Morris R. Cohen. The attitude of the Episcopal Church, by Guy Emery Shipler. The case as a school administrator sees it, by Carleton Washburne. The college, the community, and the Bertrand Russell case, by Yervant H. Krikorian. The general pattern, by Sidney Hook. Appendix: I. Decisions of Justice McGeehan. II. Statement of the Committee on Cultural Freedom.

01-2. // . New York; Da Capo Press, 1972. 227 p. 22 cm. (Civil libertirs in American history)