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Mortals and Others; American Essays 1931-1935, v.1
(Original texts and Japanese translations)

00.Preface by the editor01.On jealousy02.Sex and happiness.
03.Tourists; we lose our charm
away from home
04.The menace of old age05.In praise of artificaility
06.Who may use lipstick? 07.The lessons of experience 08.Hope and fear
09.Are criminals worse than other people? 10.The advantage of cowardice 11.The decay of meditation 
12.Marriage.13.On being good 14.Who gets our savings? 
15.Children 16.On politicians 17.Keeping pace?
18.On snobbery 19.Whose admiration do you desire? 20.On national greatness
21.Is the world going mad?22.Are we to passive?23.Why we enjoy mishaps
24.Does education do harm? 25.Are men of science scientific? 26.Flight from reality 
27.Illegal? 28.On optimism29.As others see us 
30.Taking long views 31.On mental differences between boys and girls 32.On the fierceness of vegetarians 
33.Furniture and the ego34.Why are we discontended? 35.On locomotion.
36.Of co-operation. 37.Our woman haters 38.The influence of fathers. 
39.On societies. 40.On being edifying 41.On sales resistance 
42.Should children be happy? 43.Dangers of feminism. 44.On expected emotions 
45.On modern uncertainty 46.On imitating heroes 47.On vicarious asceticism 
48.On labelling people 49.On smiling. 50.Do governments desire war?  
51.On corporal punishment. 52.If animals could talk 53.On insularity 
54.On astrologers 55.On protecting children from reality 56.The decay of intellectual standards 
57.Pride in illness 58.On charity59.On reverence. 
60.On proverbs. 61.On clothes62.Should socialists smoke good cigars? 
63.A sense of humour. 64.Love and money65.Interest in crime 
66.How to become a man of genius. 67.On old friends 68.Success and failure.
69.On feeling ashamed70.On economic security71.On tact.
72.Changing fashions in reserve 73.On honour 74.The consolations of history.
75.Is progress assured? 76.Right and might 77.Prosperity and public expenditure.
78.Public and private interests Notes..